Early Quakers reused fabric for personal quilts and had a tradition of making quilts to mark important events, and celebrate community. Quaker Friendship quilts were sometimes made by young women to say goodbye to their family, or as mementoes to mark events. The scraps of fabric used generally had a special meaning, but most importantly the quilts were about keeping warm.

We will provide precut fabric to use, but you can also bring your own fabric which can be cut into squares on the day. We will be hand stitching the squares to piece together the top of a lap quilt, there will be different designs for you to choose from. All materials and equipment will be available. If you do want to bring your own fabric cotton is the best to use for this type of quilt. This workshop is for beginners, we will not be using sewing machines. Wadding and backing fabric to complete your quilt will be provided to take home.

This event is hosted by Cambridge Quakers. To find out more about Quakers visit: