Join us to hear Dr Ine Jacobs (University of Oxford) speak on ‘Building materials, procedures and regulations ca. AD 500. A view from the Tetrapylon Street at Aphrodisias (Turkey)’.

This seminar is offered in person and on zoom by registration.

Dr Ine Jacobs is Stavros Niarchos Foundation Associate Professor of Byzantine Archaeology and Visual Culture at the University of Oxford. Her research focusses on the development of the Mediterranean in late antique and Byzantine times. It includes themes such as Late Roman and Byzantine architecture and urbanism, the reception of classical antiquity in later centuries and the archaeology of religion. She is particularly interested in how material evidence relates to and can or cannot be combined with contemporary literary sources. Her current projects all focus on the influence of religion on late antique society. She is examining how the augmenting power of bishops over their congregations is expressed in the urban fabric as well as how ordinary Christians, Jews and pagans in Late Antiquity communicated with gods and supernatural powers.

In addition, Dr Jacobs is field director at the Aphrodisias excavations in Turkey. Aphrodisias is a remarkably preserved Roman-period city in ancient Caria, SW Turkey, which was famous in antiquity for its sanctuary of Aphrodite and its marble sculptors. She also co-directs the Kostoperska Karpa Regional Archaeological Project in FYROM, a multi-disciplinary project seeking to illuminate the development of the region around modern Kumanovo from the Iron Age until Late Byzantine times.