Join Dr Carol Brown-Leonardi on a journey of intrigue and discovery of the medieval world. Within the story of King Arthur and his knights, it’s often forgotten that there were six knights of colour that occupied a seat at the round table.

In this talk, Brown-Leonardi explores the story of 14-year-old Dutch knight Sir Morien, a close friend of Sir Lancelot who sought to find his father and restore his place as ruler of his land. Through Morien’s story, we begin to see the role of African people in medieval Europe and the Sub-Saharan African presence in medieval England. Weaving together mythology, history, and archaeology, Brown-Leonardi brings to light the story of people of colour in medieval Britain and Europe.

The talk will be co-hosted by Jade Pollard-Crowe, a co-curator of the Tensions of Belonging display. Attendees are invited to visit the display following the talk.