Workshop Tutor: Maciej Pawlikowski, Head of Digital Content Unit, Cambridge University Library

Following the introductory Methods Workshops, held on 21st November 2023, this session will focus on how to adopt the principles to the projects chosen by the participants. This will cover learning a practical approach to taking images fit for purpose in any conditions with available resources. It may also address any more advanced imaging topics such as image stitching, Optical Character Recognition, Multispectral Imaging, or photogrammetry if these are in the interest of the participants. It will also be an opportunity to visit the Digital Content Unit at Cambridge University Library.

Target audience: CDH Methods sessions are open to the University of Cambridge staff and graduate students who want to learn and apply digital methods and use digital tools in their research, these sessions may be of particular interest to:

PhD students in the Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences
Early Career Researchers in the Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences
Other Cambridge students and staff welcome
Prerequisites: Participants should have completed one of the previous introductory sessions delivered by Maciej at CDH