Camila Caris Seguel (Museo el Mundo)
in conversation with
Sebastian Eduardo Dávila (Cambridge Visual Culture)

Founded by Caris Seguel and Esperanza Hidalgo Faúndez in 2016 in the Garífuna town if Livingston (Guatemala), Museo del Mundo (World Museum) is both a collection of popular art and a platform for research, mediation and exchange—for instance through artistic residencies. Its collecting and exhibiting principles are strongly linked to educational purposes, the museum becoming a channel for information and exchange across the Garífuna Nation in Central America and the Caribbean. In an online conversation with Eduardo Dávila, Caris Seguel will delve into the work of the museum, its connection to the transnational, Afro-Indigenous Garífuna territory, and the dynamic between material and immaterial, physical and virtual art, culture, and mediation.