C’è un soffio di vita soltanto / A breath of life (2022) | Directed by Matteo Botrugno and Daniele Coluccini
Orsolya Katalin Petőcz (Selwyn College, University of Cambridge)

Matteo Botrugno & Daniele Coluccini (Film Directors)

Film synopsis
Lucy is a 95-year-old woman. In her apartment, photos turned yellow with the passing of time, tell the story of the adolescence of a boy who at the time was called Luciano and who was going to live through the most terrible period of his life. Lucy is the oldest transsexual woman in Italy. She is among the few survivors of Dachau’s concentration camp.

Lucy’s story is the story of the 1900s. The events of her turbulent life have become a metaphor for a humanity that does not give up and that treasures the most important gift in history; memory, as a unique and irreplaceable starting point.

This film premiere is part of the ‘Queer testimonies from the Holocaust to 2023‘ conference. The event brings together artists and academics with the aim of discussing queer and trans testimonies from the Holocaust to the present.