A new exhibition by artist Gavin Turk opens on 6 October at the Heong Gallery to coincide with the permanent installation of Turk’s Ariadne Wrapped, a new sculpture outside Cambridge Train Station.

In Search of Ariadne unravels the cultural meme of the reclining figure in art. The exhibition aims to unpack the questions: What is the reclining figure? Why it is something that artists have been intrigued with for centuries? And from where does this form originate?

The form of the sculpture is familiar from centuries of depictions of reclining forms from Michelangelo to Henry Moore. Turk uses this familiarity to subvert the viewers expectations. His Ariadne is under cover, forever hidden. Wrapped and secured with ropes, she seems to be in transit; between places; on her way.

The exhibition at The Heong Gallery explores the metaphysical, art historical, and social underpinnings of Ariadne Wrapped, giving visitors the tools to unpack the form, context, and narratives wrapped up in the sculpture.

All images courtesy Live Stock Market Ltd & Gavin Turk . © Gavin Turk 2022