During Open Cambridge, visitors to Emmanuel are invited to a talk and process demonstration by Roxanne and Vince Kindersley from Cambridge’s Cardozo Kindersley Workshop. The entire college precinct will also be open for independent tours of our expansive gardens, with our gardeners on hand to answer any horticultural questions.

The Kindersley Workshop will introduce our recently completed stone carving on Park Terrace, commissioned as part of Emmanuel’s new community and accommodation complex, Young’s Court. They will also give a short demonstration of the Workshop’s planning and carving processes.

Emmanuel has commissioned pieces from the Cardozo Kindersley Workshop across the college over the last decades. Guests are invited to wander throughout our precinct to view these varied pieces, and the Kindersleys will offer an introduction to a tour of the city and colleges, following the path of their local commissions.

Our gardeners will be working throughout the college gardens to answer questions about each part of the grounds and our planting schemes. The Fellows’ Garden will also be accessible to visitors, to view its historical structures and our famous Oriental Plane tree.