Join us for a screening of Nourishing Mother Cambridge, supported by Cambridge Film Festival, and immerse yourself in the history, landscape, and collections of Cambridgeshire.

Tickets available soon.

Film Synopsis

Scattered across Cambridge are reliefs depicting an old university emblem from the year 1600. It shows a woman, naked, lactating, beneath which there is an inscription: ALMA MATER CANTABRIGIA. This is where the Americanism ‘alma mater’ comes from. Translated into English, the inscription reads: NOURISHING MOTHER CAMBRIDGE.

Cambridge is a town in East Anglia, known internationally for its long history. In that history, there is a story of change. A story of a tension, between an institution which prides itself on stasis and tradition, on the one hand, and the inevitability of time on the other. A story of how we make sense of what came before us, and how visions of the past shape our perception of the present. A story of the people who live in Cambridge today, and how this history has moulded them.

‘Nourishing Mother Cambridge’ is a documentary film that tells this story.

Doors open at 17.15
Runtime: 89 minutes

Image credit: Gabriel Johnson (Director of Photography, Nourishing Mother Cambridge)