Join us for a screening of Nourishing Mother Cambridge, supported by Cambridge Film Festival, and immerse yourself in the history, landscape, and collections of Cambridgeshire.

Tickets will be available to book from Monday, 2 October via this page.

Film Synopsis

Scattered across Cambridge are reliefs depicting an old university emblem from the year 1600. It shows a woman, naked, lactating, beneath which there is an inscription: ALMA MATER CANTABRIGIA. This is where the Americanism ‘alma mater’ comes from. Translated into English, the inscription reads: NOURISHING MOTHER CAMBRIDGE.

Cambridge is a town in East Anglia, known internationally for its long history. In that history, there is a story of change. A story of a tension, between an institution which prides itself on stasis and tradition, on the one hand, and the inevitability of time on the other. A story of how we make sense of what came before us, and how visions of the past shape our perception of the present. A story of the people who live in Cambridge today, and how this history has moulded them.

‘Nourishing Mother Cambridge’ is a documentary film that tells this story.

Doors open at 17.15
Runtime: 89 minutes

Image credit: Gabriel Johnson (Director of Photography, Nourishing Mother Cambridge)