Classical Archaeology Seminars: Easter 2023

The seminars will take place on Tuesdays in 1.04 in the Faculty of Classics and begin at 16:30. All are warmly invited to join us – and for drinks and conversation afterwards, too. The seminar on 23rd May will be followed by drinks in the Museum of Classical Archaeology.

May 2 Neal Payne (Cambridge)
The Archaeobotanical Evidence of Farming and Food Production in Yorkshire (4000 BCE – 1100 CE)

May 9 Catharine Titi (CNRS Paris)
The Legal Case for Returning the Parthenon Marbles

May 16 Laura Alvarez (Cambridge)
Elite Strategies and the Spread of Vanitas: Bronze Mirrors in the Eastern Mediterranean as a Case-Study

May 23 Simon Stoddart (Cambridge) & Nikoline Sauer (Aarhus/Cambridge)**
The Contribution of Science to Classical Archaeology

** Please join us for drinks in the Museum of Classical Archaeology after the final seminar of the academic year