Olivia is a South African artist and educator, currently completing her MA Fine Art/Printmaking at Cambridge School of Art, Anglia Ruskin University in Cambridge. She has worked as an artist and teacher of Visual Arts in Cape Town, South Africa and is now focused on developing her own artistic practice, working across painting, drawing and printmaking. Her practice is motivated by colour, texture and mark making, and she is interested in human connections to and subjective experiences of place, specifically encounters within the natural landscape. The foremost inspiration for her work comes from the natural landscapes that she grew up experiencing – the mountains and seascapes from Cape Town, and their various fauna and flora. Through her practice, she endeavours to (re)explore, (re)interpret and (re)imagine these experiences of place through mark making, expanding on the marks themselves through the artistic methods of printmaking, drawing and painting.

As a Creative Coordinator for CVC, Olivia will be contributing to the resources that CVC creates in order for the public to engage with the multiple creative offerings that Cambridge has on offer through Kettle’s Yard, the Fitzwilliam Museum and other cultural institutions throughout the city. Olivia is interested in discussing and sharing ideas around the topic of visual culture, and hopes to provide insight for audiences into what visual culture is through her work at CVC.