Carrie, the current Chair of the CVC, is Professor of Classics at Cambridge and Byvanck Chair of Classical Archaeology at Leiden University. She is also Director of Cambridge’s Museum of Classical Archaeology and Chair of the Visual Arts Committee of Christ’s College. She publishes widely across Greek and Roman history, literature and art history, working not just on classical material but on both the join-up of that material to the art of other ancient cultures and its appropriation post antiquity. Her monographs include Exposed: the Greek and Roman Body (2022) and Classical Art: a Life History from Antiquity to the Present (2018). She has curated exhibitions, including at the Henry Moore Institute in Leeds, and contributed to exhibition catalogues, and to Apollo, The Times Literary Supplement, The Burlington Magazine and the British Museum Magazine, as well as to television and radio (e.g. Start the Week, Woman’s Hour, In Our Time). In 2024, she will co-curate, Paris 1924: the Art of the Olympics at Cambridge’s Fitzwilliam Museum.