Major research is underway into The Women’s Art Collection at Murray Edwards College, the single largest collection of women’s art in Europe. The 2-year project, ‘Investigating the role of The Women’s Art Collection: Research & Teaching’, funded by the Isaac Newton Trust, is led by Fellow in History of Art Dr Lydia Hamlett with researcher Naomi Polonsky, the college’s Associate Curator. It aims to study the origins and evolution of the collection as a collaborative act of curation via four key themes, including History of Collecting; Challenging Hierarchies of Genre; Thinking across Media, and Agency and Creativity. The aim is to maximise the role of the Collection within research and teaching activities at the University. The project will also unlock the Collection as a resource for a broader public through a programme of outreach activities and a curated website funded by Arts Council England. The website will showcase new interpretations of the artworks by academics and students across the University as well as members of the local community. Its ultimate goal is to allow access to everything that is known about the Collection to everyone. We are grateful for the support of the Isaac Newton Trust, Arts Council England, the Bateman Family Charitable Trust and Mike, Isobel and Olivia Standing.